December 10, 2010

BRIX CMS : Apache Wicket based CMS framework

Based on Wicket ( and JCR, it is the best Wicket-based CMS framework available today. BRIX is simple yet powerful and extensible, allowing designers the highest degree of freedom in developing a rich user experience.
Using Apache Wicket as the technology to serve the content makes it very easy to embed custom, stateful Wicket components into any CMS page, allowing rich integration with any existing Wicket web application. Using Apache Jackrabbit ( allows Brix to easily integrate full text search, versioning, and WebDav access.
Brix is business-friendly, open sourced under the Apache Software License version 2.0.

To get and run the Brix demo you can follow these steps:
- svn checkout brix  (this will create a directory named brix)
go to directory brix and do:
- mvn install 

This will create a folder named brix-demo, go to brix-demo and do: 
- mvn jetty:run (this will start the demo, just go to your favorite browser and open the url : http://localhost:8080/brixdemo/  you will get the following page (just try it)

 You can access the admin page (back-office) by opening the url : 
http://localhost:8080/brixdemo/admin you will get the following page : 
That's all for the moment.


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