November 13, 2016

DateTime JPA/Hibernate mapping

For mapping a Timestamp or Date in DB by hibernate we used joda time. Since, java 8 we use java.time package. But to success mapping with DateTime, LocalDate... type (joda time or java 8) we need some configurations.

1- Mapping joda time DateTime:

    With java 7 and earlier we use joda time. For mapping without any configuration we got an error. As solution, using jadira.


private DateTime _date;

2- Mapping java 8 DateTime:

    With java 8 and hibernate 5 we need just a more dependency (hibernate-java8):
    - Maven:

- Gradle:

    compile group: 'org.hibernate', name: 'hibernate-java8', version: '5.1.1.Final'

August 18, 2014

Spring Data MongoDB

The Spring Data MongoDB project provides integration with the MongoDB document database.

The maven dependencies:


Activating Spring Data repository support using Java Config:

import java.util.Arrays;

import org.springframework.context.annotation.Bean;
import org.springframework.context.annotation.ComponentScan;
import org.springframework.context.annotation.Configuration;

import com.mongodb.Mongo;
import com.mongodb.MongoClient;
import com.mongodb.MongoCredential;
import com.mongodb.ServerAddress;
import com.mongodb.WriteConcern;

public class Application extends AbstractMongoConfiguration{

protected String getDatabaseName() {
return "tuto";

public Mongo mongo() throws Exception {
        ServerAddress serverAdress = 
new ServerAddress("localhost", 27017);        MongoCredential credential = MongoCredential.createMongoCRCredential("moez","tuto","secret".toCharArray());
//Do not use new Mongo(), is deprecated.
        Mongo mongo = new MongoClient(serverAdress,Arrays.asList(credential));
return mongo;

public MongoTemplate mongoTemplate() throws Exception {
return new MongoTemplate(mongo(), getDatabaseName());


Note: Do not use
new Mongo()
because is deprecated.

Here is a basic example of using the save operation and retrieving its contents.

import static;
import static;


Person p = new Person("Bob", 33);

Person qp = mongoTemplate.findOne(query(where("age").is(33)), Person.class);